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Food additives

FSANZ (Food Standards Australia New Zealand) uses these safety factors when determining what chemicals to allow into our food. This is based on how much of this particular substance it took before the lab animal showed any reaction. They then divide that amount by 100, as a lab animal can handle 10x more than a human, and some humans can handle 10x more than an unhealthy or susceptible human. (Byrd-Bredbenner, 2013, p. 511)

E Numbers

Even using the safety factors that FSANZ has taken into account, a few people for some reason have built up a toxic level in their body and even a trace element can push them over. How being “pushed over” feels is individualised. A tool a Herbalist will use to determine where the problem is based, would be a simple diet diary. Diarising food consumption, and how it made you feel helps you see what food groups specifically had an impact on your health.

We need to make informed decisions about what we can and cannot handle depending on our own personal health, and history. We need to know which additives will have what effect on us, so that it does not hamper our quality of life.

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