No Surprises

The team at FlashBack Health understand the importance of being able to budget for a treatment plan, and not being left with a surprise bill. Treatment plans with a Herbalist can take anywhere between 1 week and 1 year, depending on the condition you want treated. To create a tailor-made care plan for you, speak to your Herbalist here.

Typical Holistic Treatment Plan

In taking a holistic approach and using Herbal Medicine, many conditions typically require 4 months of focussed care, to effect lasting change. At FlashBack Health, such a treatment plan starts with an initial consultation. During this consultation you and your Herbalist will get to know each other as you share your health journey and your herbalist determines what may be done to help further you along your path to reaching your health goals. After 1 month, you check in via phone or a pop in, for a refill of your prescribed herbal tincture. In month 3 of treatment, it is advised that you come in for a 30 minute follow up consultation. During the follow-up consultation, you and your herbalist will discuss your progress in detail and together you will build on the treatment plan, tweaking your herbal tincture or treatment where required. In the 4th month of treatment, you can expect to return/call for a quick 10-minute chat, and refill. At this point you and your Herbalist will have found your personal rhythm and you can book in for subsequent follow up appointments or order a refill at your own discretion. Depending on the herbs you require, a month’s supply of herbal medication can cost between $20 and $150. A typical 500 ml herbal tincture will cost you about $90.

A FlashBack Health initial care package includes:

Treatment Usual rate Care Package rate
Initial consult $80 $70
Follow up $50 $40
Total $130 $110
FlashBack Health

You can receive the care package by paying the $110 upfront at the initial consultation.

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